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FluorWavellite - Rare! Intermixed With SiO2- Mauldin Mountain, Arkansas, ooak

FluorWavellite - Rare! Intermixed With SiO2- Mauldin Mountain, Arkansas, ooak

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FluorWavellite (F analogue of Wavellite) - Rare! Intermixed With SiO2- Mauldin Mountain, Arkansas, ooak

This seam material was tested and considered to be Fluorwavellite w/ SiO2 intermixed based on its chemistry. Very Unique/Rare hues. Great example for any collection. Amazing crystallization (see photos). More info on this unique form of wavellite: 

    The samples we had tested were from a central part of a seam of this material. The specimens formed between chert host rock that had another layer of crystallized grey quartz adjacent ( very unique for this locale). This anomalous hue of "wavellite" was sandwiched in-between the chert with clay. We initially sold it as wavellite for years, but always saw that the hue was off /different from all other wavellite we have ever seen. And it was always a curiosity to see what made them different from other wavellite. The test showed the samples from the central part of this seam showed fluorine in the chemistry that put it just on the brink of being chemically different from normal wavellite. The variety the analyst considered was Fluorwavellite. It also showed SiO2 intermixed. From this central part of the seam we have assumed that these adjacent specimen pieces share this chemistry in this shared environment as the seam was not that big and very narrow, and all sharing the same anomalous hues. The next goal is to partner with a university/someone with more testing capabilities to hone in on even more portions of the seam material to gather even more detailed data. 

*Note* These specimens are simply priced as unique forms of Wavellite compared to all other available formations of Wavellite. Their hue alone is incredibly unique and special. 


Approx.  4.3 x 2.6 x 2 cm

           13.7 grams

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