Adventures in Collecting Arkansas Minerals


 We have been collecting and mining Arkansas minerals for nearly 15 years and we are excited to share our collection with you!

 In our oldest venture we served thousands of satisfied customers, and assisted in building and expanding several mineral businesses & many special collections of rare Arkansas minerals. Over the years we have mined (mainly by hand) thousands of unique crystals/minerals from the Ouachita Mountains, and purchased several historically important mineral collections. We have prospected/discovered brand new mineral deposits, world class crystal pockets, and unearthed many museum grade specimens.

    Our focus is the unique, the rare, and the beautiful. The magic of the planet Earth, and all of its natural wonders in crystallized form. We look forward to serving the mineral community with a positive experience and amazing minerals/crystals.

   We take pride in packing every single order, and as a thank you, we usually include some really cool extras/gifts, and sometimes even a photographic print of your crystal for your own records. 

Lots more to come.....stay tuned...and thank you for visiting.

-Arkansas Minerals LLC

*Note: This is an ever-evolving quest for knowledge for the benefit of the entire mineral community, and we will be continuously making any needed updates to locale information, provenance, etc as new information is discovered. Sometimes when new collections are acquired, previously made labels can be wrong in certain cases (even ones in very significant collections, and yes, even museums can have things mislabeled), and/or documented provenance can be lacking. So sometimes it is up to us/and others to solve some of these mysteries; with time, personal experiences, public data, and also through the collective knowledge of our associates and mentors in the mineral world. If you see a mineral with a "general" provenance ie a general county in Arkansas, it is because the specific mine, or pit, was not included with the collection of specimens acquired, and the mystery is yet to be solved. In this case, if you have this knowledge/data, letting us know can benefit the entire collective community of mineral collectors, and potentially lost history can be saved for the future collector. Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!