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Arkansas Quartz Crystal Point w/ Rare Facet "Inclusions", Garland Co, old stock

Arkansas Quartz Crystal Point w/ Rare Facet "Inclusions", Garland Co, old stock

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Arkansas Quartz Crystal Point w/ Rare Facet Inclusions, Garland Co, old stock.

Very Rare and Unique Quartz Crystal Point, with super unique unknown inclusions under the main facet. We have never seen anything else like these in all of the years studying and documenting Arkansas Quartz. We have examined hundreds of thousands of Arkansas Quartz Crystals, and these inclusions have only been seen from one find (one pocket of crystals) in Garland County Arkansas. The inclusions are white/off white, webbed, and fractalized, and only found under the dominant facets. naturally slightly smokey / pale smokey hue.

*June, 2023 update*Important comments regarding these "inclusions",

from Mike Howard (Arkansas Geologist and "nonmember" of the Coon Creek Association):

"First, I must say that I have never seen anything quite like this on any quartz crystals, much less these from Arkansas.

A microscopic exam revealed that these are not inclusions, but a rectangular fracture pattern developed on select faces of the termination, mainly on the 1st order rhombohedral faces of each crystal.  None on the 2nd order rhombohedral faces, nor on the prism faces just as you had stated in your initial email.  These fractures do extend a very short distant, perhaps 1/3rd mm into the faces.  Reflected light reveals that there was minor crystal growth after their formation, but not enough to cover the adjacent fractures.

This type of fracturing could be electrically introduced as you suggested, but that does not explain why only the 1st order rhombohedral faces were affected.  It might be a sudden pressure shock, from nearby faulting, or a sudden drastic pressure drop. Finally, it also might be thermally induced, not related to cleaning, but related to a dramatic temperature change (drop) in the fluids that the crystals were growing from, near the very end of growth." - Mike Howard


 15.6 grams

Approx 4.5 x 1.6 x 1.2 cm

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